Before Janette Burke became an Internet Reality Talk TV Producer, TV Show Host, Media Marketing Consultant and Trainer, advocate of Women’s Rights and Issues and champion to Women in Business, she spent 17 years behind the camera as the Founding Publicist of Prime Time PR and Editor of PRtalk, Canada’s only online PR magazine where in addition to obtaining her own publicity, she…

· Got her client’s past their fears of being on-camera, film & stage
· Ignited & unleashed that “certain something” that distinguishes them, draws & mesmerizes their chosen crowd
· Made them feel comfortable, look & sound their very best
· Honed their presentation & delivery skills – so they could condently “toot their own horn”
· Arranged their publicity strategy, media contact list, media placements, speaking gigs & book tours
· Determined their hook, angle, story line, unique selling point & call to action
· Developed their press releases, media kit, website, blog, e-Zine & newsletter content
· Scripted & prepared them to take control of their media interviews, shoot promotional videos and commercials
· Properly leveraged their exposure
· And effectively extended their brand

Today, Janette shares her experience and helps you find the confidence you need to clearly convey your message and break-through your biggest barriers to VIDEO & MEDIA success. She understands how to unleash that “certain something” that will mesmerize your audience.

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