Facebook Live is the rage today as a means of promoting your business and attracting clients. And while I’m not opposed to using this streaming video tool to put yourself and your business out there, I do believe you could be doing yourself and your business a HUGE disservice, if you don’t consider these 5 things before you press record on your computer, tablet or smart phone…

  1. No retakes – Facebook LIVE is a LIVE broadcast – meaning once the camera rolls, there’s no chance to hit the pause button, start over, edit or fix anything. Your broadcast will be exactly as is. Now I know being “authentic” and not “perfect” is also big BUZZ today. And yes, you do want to keep it real. No sounding rehearsed, insincere or fake, reading directly off a script word for word, etc. But let’s not confuse being authentic with being professional, as the two concepts are not in any way interchangeable. Remember, when you put yourself out there online for the world to see, opinions will be formed. Thousands of potential customers will be deciding if they want to work with you. It’s your job to convince them that you are the ONE to hire. Whether you like it or not, your reputation, image and brand are at stake. And you need to pay CLOSE attention to it. Otherwise, you may find yourself extremely embarrassed and having to do a lot of DAMAGE CONTROL to a big OOPS.


  1. Plan ahead – It’s important to plan what you are going to say so that the key parts of your MESSAGE are clearly delivered in a specified time frame and resonate with your ideal viewer – the one your video is going to CONVERT into a customer. Nothing loses viewers and potential customers faster than someone who rambles on, SPEWING everything they can about their business. That’s why I’m completely against winging it. Rather, be prepared. Take the time to devise a catchy headline and develop a spot-on script (even if it is just an outline) that keeps you on point, draws those eyeballs and traffic in. And leaves them wanting more. HINT your script doesn’t have to be long. If you need help with this, my team and I are here.


  1. Presentation is everything – what you look like (hair, makeup), what you wear (clothes, jewelry, accessories), your body language, voice technique and gestures are ALL extremely important components and extensions of you. Why? Because only 7% of what we communicate is spoken words. If your appearance and non-verbal communication is not in sync with what’s coming out of your mouth, you’re not walking your talk. And instantly lose CREDIBILITY.


  1. Facebook Live is the only videos you need – I understand most business owners watch their bottom-line. However, one can be penny wise and pound foolish at times. For the right purpose and occasion, Facebook Live, Periscope, Vine or any other similar live broadcasting source represent an opportunity for a decent video supplement. However, they do not replace the need for PROFESSIOANL VIDEOS or INTERVIEWS for several reasons. Ever notice their repetitive style and format? Or that their background and settings all look the same? How about the wide black side margins or gaps, how they make your body and head look cut-off and indicate the camera was not in focus when shot? What about the lighting and sound quality? And how many of them can be taken from the inside a car that you are honestly compelled to watch? See my point? Our camera-training tricks can help you combat these and our related issues.


  1. Views & lasting exposure – Facebook Live videos may be easy and fun to make. However, they typically garner 6-8 views on an average following of about 150 Facebook friends. They are also predominately perceived as cheap and self-promotional. Hence, they don’t carry as much weight or build your credibility with 3rd party endorsement in the same way that being INTERVIEWED or making a PROFESSIONAL VIDEO does. Furthermore, aside from being posted on Facebook and Facebook groups, their links cannot be posted on YOUTUBE or shared on Social Media Platforms for ongoing exposure like a stand-alone VIDEO or INTERVIEW can with extensive PUSH, such as the amount of views my team and I get you from our 5 million audience reach, with 21 days of targeted promotion.


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Until next issue, continue to be FABULOUS!

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