Participant Comments

“Your presentation was great”

Cheryl Geness

Geness Inc.

”Your workshop taught me how to market my uniqueness”

Olga Gill

Olga Gill Research Services

“It was well organized, clear, concise and full of useful information”

Linda Kolyn

The Law Office of Linda Kolyn

”You are an expert worth hiring… This was time well-spent. It made me realize how much is involved in writing PR materials and implementing a PR strategy and how I should have been doing it to promote my business all along.”

Jonathan Weaver

Peak Performers Network

”Very beneficial presentation to get me going on my press release”

Marilyn Cox

Foxword Processing

”It taught me how to get my message out there”

James Bennett

J.E.B. Solutions

”Janette, you are the Princess of marketing and PR!”

John Flanagan

International Network Professionals

”It helped me to understand PR and gave me a strong foundation for how to deal with the media, the step by step process of how to write a press release and media kit and how to develop an angle that could be converted into sellable news”

General sentiments stated by several participants

“I attended a seminar presented by Janette Burke at The Learning Annex. She introduced the concept of Public Relations as a cost effective alternative to advertising. She gave the information in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner. Her knowledge of PR and marketing is impressive.

I would like to also acknowledge the contribution Janette made when she met me for coaching. Her advice on planning my promotional effort is easy to follow and definitely worth putting to action in my business.”

Ivan Koval

President, Reliable Connections.Com

“Janette thanks for the great presentation on press releases. It has helped a lot! Four days after attending your workshop, I used your information to create a press release for an arts festival (Arts Society of King) of which I’m on the volunteer committee. The King Weekly printed my press release word for word in their next issue! Of course, imagine using this for your business! That is my plan, after my return from vacation later this month.”

Brenda Vallette

Creative Memories Consultant, Creative Memories

”Great info… You have much to offer. Keep going!”

Kim-Marie Redman, PhD©, MTLT, MNLP, MCHCT

Visionary & Founder,, CREATRIX Transformational Solutions

“Thanks Janette! You did an awesome job. Your extensive marketing/PR knowledge really showed. The message came through that I have a newsworthy story to tell and sell.”

Kim Leitch

President, Virtually Unlimited

“Great content that I can really use to write press releases and articles and promote my business.”

Sheri Andrunyk

Empowerment Coach, Keynote Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, President of Sales, Aloette Cosmetics, Women for WomenTM

“Janette, I totally enjoyed your ‘What the Media Wants to See in Your Press Release’ workshop and learned a great deal. It was very motivating and detailed!”

Brenda Ernst

Canadian Representative, On The Nose Reading Glasses

“Janette, your workshop was excellent. You explain PR in a way that makes it seem doable and not intimidating.”

Debbie Abdool

President , DASA Consulting

“Janette, I loved you’re presentation. It was up to the point and loaded with useful information that I can easily apply to getting publicity and growing my business.”

Marie Croswell

Founder, C & H Virtual Office Solutions

“Janette, your teaching style is to the point. You are energetic and so real. In just 2 days I learned so much about marketing, publicizing and promoting my business from you than I have at other courses/workshops CD’s or books. You opened up a different perspective, in such a positive way.”

Elana Espinoza

Co-Founder, The Little Laser Clinic

“Thank you so much Janette. You are definitely knowledgeable and generous with your knowledge and feedback. I really appreciated the way you capture and think marketing ideas and concepts through – and then present them in a quick, precise, witty and easy to understand manner. You’re very surgical and comprehensive in your approach to dissecting every marketing/PR problem.”

Cheryl Garuda

President, 101 Reasons to Celebrate Event Planning