TOTAL VIEWS –  25,204 views

Chloe McRae – “Janette, Earth Angel Designs are a novel concept. Love the aprons and accessories! Thanks for bringing awareness to them!”

Chelsea Ramsey – “Janette, this was a fun and informative interview worth watching. Earth Angel Retro Designs took me back to my mother’s kitchen. Had to have an apron for myself and my daughter!”

Elaine Newman – “Janette, I see your show posted all over the Internet on every Social Media Platform I am on.  This makes it easy for me to watch your episodes on my i-Pad, computer or phone, which I always do, at my convenience! Earth Angel Designs grabbed my attention for the aprons and accessories, as well as listening to Angelika’s story. I would also like to leave the corporate world and run a business like this – thanks for posting!”






TOTAL VIEWS –  18,853 views

Daphna Lee – “Janette, I enjoyed watching this episode and the demo of your hands covered in salts. You were so excited to see the results that it got me excited too! Now I want to know more about froosh and their products”

Roberta Nelson – “Janette, this was another informative interview. It’s great to see Stacey and Carey, two cousins and women in business, working together and a company that started at the kitchen table making it to market with all-natural products. You made some good points in this episode about women taking care of their hands as well as their face and neck to hide their age. Thanks!”

Rhonda Kerrigan – “Janette, I saw your show on Google+ and then again on your website. I really appreciate the work that you do to showcase women’s issues and women entrepreneurs. You have a great interview style, getting right to the heart of the matter with the questions you ask. And you are also very passionate and enthusiastic. I find this contagious. Us gals all need a little spoiling and self-care. What better way to take care of ourselves than with the soaps, salts and other products froosh provides! Kudos to Stacey and Carey for pursuing this Canadian business and to you for making this episode!”






TOTAL VIEWS –  28,156 views

Cali McRae – “Janette, this was a daring interview, but I am glad you tackled it! Wearing fur is controversial and also a personal choice as you correctly pointed out. Fur is making a come-back and I for one think it is ok to wear

Yvette Clayborn – “Janette, I’m an animal lover and activist, yet I see the pros and cons of wearing fur and leather. Refurbished fur in particular is already dead and shouldn’t be tossed aside. This is not to say that I advocate killing animals for luxury.

Martha Lansdowne – “Janette, I came across your show on Pinterest. At first the topic offended me, to be honest. But then I watched your episode and really appreciated the points you made from all perspectives which I can now see. Roman’s Leathers and Furs present a beautiful collection. I like having the choice to wear what I want and not be ashamed for my appreciation of luxury for my hard work.  Thanks for making this episode!”

Elaine Girimonte




Bespoke Silk – Unique Gifts For The Special Guy or Guys In Your Life


Lindsey Alexander – “Janette, I came across your interview on LinkedIn. What a great concept for that unique gift every man would love. Thanks for posting!”

Dinah Morris – “Janette, my husband is the hardest man to buy for. This Valentine’s Day he isn’t getting chocolates!  Thanks for making this episode and posting in on Facebook for women like me to see.”

Beth Corday – “Janette, I saw your show post on Twitter and Google+. These puffs are amazing. Full of colour and style while reflective of some very unusual yet masculine themes. I especially liked the pizza puff, ideal for any pizza lover or pizzeria owner. My boyfriend is Italian. He will go crazy for this. Thanks, so much for drawing my attention to Elaine and Bespoke Silk.”

Mara Marcello





Cali McPhail – “Janette, my husband and I decided before the holidays that we would split up after them. So you couldn’t be more accurate about January filings. Divorce isn’t easy. I have many things to consider that I need help with. That is why I was happy to happen upon your episode on Twitter. I then Googled Divorce Angels and see all the wonderful resources they provide. Thank you so much for making this episode!”

Rebecca Dorn – “Janette, I got divorced two years ago, by surprise and have still been dealing with the aftermath. I saw your episode on Pinterest and it immediately hit home. Divorce Angels offers amazing resources that anyone who went through a break-up can take advantage of. Of course, we think of finances, lawyer and counselors, but I hadn’t considered my image and consultations on how to get back into the dating world. I really enjoyed your interview and show.”

Simone Bennington – “Janette, I found your D.I.V.O.R.C.E. post about the Divorce Angels on Twitter and LinkedIn. It was very well done. In a short interview, you were able to get very relevant information out of Mara. I like your straight-forward interview style. I also liked that you covered this topic as so many of us are products of divorce these days. Mara is correct about knowing your rights and options and getting educated. Thanks for putting this message across.”






Lily Johnson – “Janette, as a woman who had cancer, I know first-hand how difficult losing your hair from chemotherapy is. At the hospital, those in my care support group and I were taught to do everything to make ourselves look and feel better, including dressing nice and putting on make-up. These scarfs were a G-d send. When I wore them, I felt fashionable and my mood was more cheerful, especially at holiday gatherings with family and friends. This helped me to want to be around people and be seen. Eventually, I got better. I think this is a very sensitive yet important topic to cover and again, you did it with style and grace. I really appreciate you and your show. And I also appreciate Satin Creations!”

Eileen Davis – “Janette, thanks for posting yet another wonderful episode full of great info. I travel a great deal for business and often can’t locate important items in my luggage.  The satin bags featured are ideal not only for finding these items, put for protecting them.  They have an added benefit too – satin protects packed clothing and prevents it from wrinkling in your suit case. I just love these little bags!”

Rene Adams – “Janette, I came across your show on LinkedIn and I have to say, I was impressed! You have a real knack for interviewing and asking key questions that get the point across. Prior to watching this episode, I was aware of satin pillowcases and always wanted one thinking that like satin sheets they are a luxurious item to sleep on. I had no clue that they can also protect and save my hair as well as eliminate skin conditions and wrinkles. Thanks for enlightening me. I’m ordering one if my favorite colour now!”  



Messages From The Other Side


Sharon Tate – “Janette, this episode hit home. I lost a child and never had the closure I needed until I spoke with a clairvoyant. The work Marc does is amazing!”

Morgan Cummings– “Janette, came across your episode and had to write you. I used to be a skeptic about clairvoyants and mediums. But one day I was in the audience and asked about my late father.  I couldn’t believe how this person could know so much. And the messages they gave me truly changed my feelings an life. Thanks for posting!”

Toni Randolph – “Janette, I am such a believer of the skills Marc possesses. After my mother died, I went to therapy to deal with our unresolved issues. Nothing was accomplished. For years, I walked around in deep pain. Holidays were horrible. One day I went to a clairvoyant for help. Turns out my mother had something to say to me that I needed to hear.  How this person knew this, I have no idea. But once I heard it, I was able to move on with my life. I’m glad to have found your post and your show. This was a great episode.”



Coupons, Samples, Chocolate – Some of What Makes The National Women’s Show The Ultimate Girl’s Day Out


Joy Saunders – “Janette, what a novel concept for adults. Totally blew me away. Interesting and extremely private way to spice up your sex life. One of your best interviews. Thanks for sharing!”

Celine McRae– “Janette, you always know how to catch my eye! Passionegg Surprise is fantastic!  A truly private and unique method of buying a vibrator less the embarrassment of going into an “adult store” – all hidden in a Belgium Chocolate egg for women and men to enjoy.”

Stacie Grossman – “Janette, my husband has been after me to get a vibrator for years. I refused because I couldn’t bare going out and buying one. Then I saw your episode with Passionegg Surprise and everything changed. How clever and convenient to sell sex toys in a chocolate egg that I can buy online. I love you for making this episode and my husband thanks you too!”  



Red Carpet Diaries – Canada’s Leading Ladies Talk Life in TV, Film & Music


Morgan Wells – “Janette, it is so refreshing to hear the positive side of these two women’s lives and their tremendous accomplishments in the face of bullying and other adversities. Thank you for doing this interview and for sharing!”

Stephanie Johnson – “Janette, Kim Roberts is a wonderful woman and actress that is so lucky to be living her passion and getting top-notch roles. She truly inspires me with her never ending projects. I love every time you feature her as she always has something interesting to share.”

Kendra Jones – “Janette, thank you for making and posting another fabulous episode. You always ask the right questions. Haley is so young. I’m so happy for her success. Her album is great and so is her series with Nick Jonas on Netflix. Thanks to you and this interview I was able to discover both.”



Celebrating Canada & Vaughan’s 25 Incredible Years with Mayor Bevilacqua, Shawn Desman, Tyler Shaw And More!


Ava Gordon – “Janette, this episode makes me proud to be Canadian. With everything it has to offer plus this wonderful celebration featuring Shaw Desman, Vaughan is the place to be!”

Laurie McKinny – “Janette, Vaughan sure seems like an exciting place!  Great growth, nice malls, restaurants, homes and schools. Plus a wonderful Mayor who writes and sings songs, and lots of good entertainment! Thanks for making this episode! After watching it, I hired a real estate agent to make our families move.”

Laurencia Degratto – “Janette, I love living in Vaughan and I love your show too!  Great interviews with some of Toronto’s finest talent.  Thanks for showcasing my city and country!”




Dressing For The Red Carpet Or Any Other Major Event


Gillian Moore – “Janette, I never realized how much goes into to selecting an outfit for red carpet events. Very much enjoyed Vicki explaining all the considerations in this episode and seeing you try on all the clothes. Lavender Lilly is a lovely boutique with many fine clothing and accessories. Thanks for streaming!”

Adina Lowell – “Janette, this was a very exciting episode to watch. You are such a good sport and brave soul. Obviously Lavender Lilly is full of beautiful Canadian and European fashions and accessories. You’re so lucky to have them as your clothing sponsor. You looked the best in the black lace top. Glad you choose it to wear to TIFF.”

Cassey McDonald – “Janette, your show is always a breath of fresh air and wealth of knowledge. I can see how much work goes into everything you do, right down to the clothes you choose to wear. Vicki is lovely and stylish. Her tips including using a peplum waste to hide unwanted flaws were excellent. I will surely apply when selecting an outfit for my office holiday party and other special events this year. Thank you for showing us what Lavender Lilly has to offer.”



Lights, Camera, Action – Janette’s Red Carpet Diaries – Behind-the-Scenes at TIFF


Joanne Scott – “Janette, I was completely blown away by your TIFF BEHIND THE SCENES and interview with Caterina Campagna episode.  Not only was it exciting to see you work the red carpet and schmooze with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but it was also interesting to hear about what really goes on at TIFF. The interview you conducted with Caterina on the business of being a FEMALE Producer was full of great info for any business woman. This was well, done. Thanks for sharing!”

Luanne Mitchell – “Janette, what a terrific episode! I love seeing you like this in your element. You’re such a natural!  Thanks for taking me to the streets of Toronto behind the scenes at tiff. Makes me want to come there to experience all this myself. I always want to thank you for interviewing Caterina. She was simply a wealth of information for every business woman.”

Sara Lloyd – “Janette, you’re amazing and so very good at what you do! I love your energy and drive. I also love how you risked telling us what really goes on at TIFF, sharing some relevant info for women on the less glamorous side of the business. You exposed me to things I never knew. I also loved how you went on the streets to talks with fans and featured the best parties and celebs. Caterina’s interview was extremely powerful as well. Can’t wait to see what you have next!”




the studio2

531 Atkinson Ave, Vaughan, ON L4J 8L7

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Hair But Were Too Afraid To Ask


Trisha Henderson – “Janette, I’m always concerned about my hair and had no idea that I wasn’t maintaining it properly. Thank you for making this episode and dispelling some very important myths that have saved me time and money.”

Darlene Patterson – “Janette, I came across your show and this episode on Twitter. I found the title catchy and compelling, so it caught my eye. Really enjoyed listening to Joseph be interviewed. I also loved your question about combing vs. brushing wet hair and many other things I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for posting!”

Sandra Rudolph – “Janette, this was another great episode full of interesting content on hair that I never thought to ask.  Your questions were well posed and thought-out. You covered hair colour, hats, styling and more and truly provided me with the answers to everything I ever wanted to know about hair.  Well, done!”  




Food For Thought From The Queen’s Plate


Brandy Lowell – “Janette, this was such an awesome episode from The Queen’s Plate! I’m impressed with your new “Dish’n In-the-Kitchen” segment.  I really like how you showed the guys baking the bread and preparing the food. I look for heathy food options when I’m at festivals and events and often find they are hard to come by. But then I noticed Chimney Stax in the Food Building at The Ex because I saw them featured on your show. It didn’t take me long to order one of their yummy brisket sandwiches. Thanks for sharing.”

Daria Demorovitch – “Janette, I’m of European decent and grew-up eating Chimney Stax, rotisserie-baked bread in Romania. I’ve never been able to find this type of bread anywhere in Canada until now. So can imagine this episode really caught my eye.  I never thought about making a sandwich of this bread with brisket and col slaw, back home we use various meats and cheeses, but I have to tell you, I tried it and it was simply delicious! Now I crave Chimney Stax all the time!

Amber White – “Janette, I’m a foodie – totally obsessed with chef shows, cooking and of course, eating.  I had never heard of Chimney Stax or rotisserie bake bread before seeing your episode on it. And once I did, I knew it was something I had to try. So I downloaded a recipe on the Internet for how to make Chimney Stax bread. I’m sure the bread is better when baked fresh with the right equipment at CHIMNEY STAX BAKING CO.  But I managed to get the consistency down and the savory taste.  I ended up stuffing them with a mixture of veggies and cheese that I then grilled in the oven. As luck would have it, I saw the Chimney STAX food truck at a festival I was at this summer. Sure enough, I had to taste their famous sandwich. Simply to die for. I’m not a meat lover, but that brisket was the best I ever had. Thanks for posting.”




Davina Felgberg – “Janette, I’m totally into glamour and loved watching your episode from The Queen’s Plate. Very much appreciated seeing all the hats and fancy dresses, inside the Social’s booth with hosts and the style tips, Sarah provided. I frequent Vaughan Mills and will stop by Holt’s to check out the deals. Thank you so much for sharing.”

Kelly Dorn – “Janette, this episode had some great fashion advice. I’m limited in my clothing budget and look for ways to spruce-up what’s already in my closet as well as add simple pieces. Sarah’s suggestion about the wide leg pant and white blouse with a funky lace colour is a good one. I also rely on accessories to bring my wardrobe up-to-date. Next time I’m at Vaughan Mills, I will check out the colour coordinated accessory blocks at Charming Charlie.”

Alexia Wells – “Janette, I came across your show posts on Pinterest and Facebook. I admire your energy and enthusiasm for Women and Women’s issues. I have always wanted to attend The Queen’s Plate and seeing all the hats and fashion as well as hearing Gabby and Andrea who came all the way from Australia to talk about it makes me want to go next year. There’s certainly a lot fun to be had there. Thanks for posting.”





 the studio2

Women in Business – What It Takes To Run Your Own Hair Salon, Spa Or Business


Carla Davis – “Janette, as a Women in Business who often struggles, it was great hearing Rina talk about what it takes to make it in business and all the pitfalls she faced on the road to success. She truly inspired me. Thank you so much for sharing.”

Elle Henderson – “Janette, this was one of the best episodes I’ve ever watched on your show. Rina is so real and down-to-earth about her success. She covered some valuable points on what it takes to make it including the need for support.  I can relate as a mom and buddy entrepreneur.”

Laurie Kennedy – “Janette, I came across you post on Facebook. I’ve never before heard of you or seen your show. But I have to say, I was incredibly impressed with the quality of your broadcast and interview style, as well as your guest.  Rina gave me valuable information that I found very useful and empowering. I think you asked her all the right questions. Way to go!  Can’t wait to see what you will come out with next!”

Maria Zreik


Red Carpet Diaries – Oscar-Nomintated ‘AVE MARIA’ Uses Comedy To Encourage Interreligious Collaboration


Robyn Glazer– “Janette, you took a diplomatic and courageous approach to a touchy subject, well, done! The film is delightful and shows how two religious groups can indeed get along. Thank you for conducting this interview with Maria.”

Denise Lowell – “Janette, I understand the conflict from both sides and think Maria and the film raise some good points about PEACE in the middle east. Comedy or not, it is possible. Thanks for posting.”

Nicki Briggs – “Janette, I always enjoy watching your show. You handled this interview with class and grace. Maria is lovely and talented. She deserves a chance. The film is very enlightening and clever. I think it is worthy of an Oscar.”

Helen Waxman July2016

Janette With Helen Waxman, Product Manager

The Studio Hair Salon/Beauty Supply Depot

Janette’s I’m Every Woman! TV’s Official Hair, Makeup & Esthetics Sponsor

531 Atkinson Ave, Vaughan, ON L4J 8L7


 the studio2


Luma Brush, Saryna Key Dry Body Oil, Face Off – 3 Travel, Cottage & Summer Getaway Products Every Woman Must Have


Elise Greenberg – “Janette, I came across your show on Twitter. I never heard of FACE OFF before. After watching this video and hearing you and Helen explain how it differs from a regular wash cloth, I invested in the $12 to buy one. My skin has never looked or felt better. Thanks so much for posting this!”

Carolyn Mc Neil – “Janette, I really like your product review episodes. Every time I learn something new.  I travel a lot throughout the summer and was happy to learn I could cut-down on packing a blow dryer, straightener and brush to achieve straight hair. The Luma Brush is fantastic. It easily straightens my hair from full-blown curls in minutes. What a God send when you’re on the road and don’t have a hair dresser near-bye.”

Selena Kerns – “Janette, after watching your video and hearing Helen describe the differences between regular body creams and Sayrna Key Dry Body Oil, I felt compelled to try it. It made my skin softer than a baby and is easily fits into my suitcase replacing the need to a variety of other creams.  I just love it.”

Janette with Actor, Producer And Baldwin Brother, William Baldwin –  Independent Leadership Award Recipient 2016, The Vaughan Film Festival

Billy Baldwin

RE-WATCH Janette’s Red Carpet Diaries – Catching Up With Actor William Baldwin At The Vaughan Film Festival HERE!

Ashley Dorn “Janette, I came across your show on LinkedIn. I’m such a huge ‘Baldwin Brothers’ fan. Had no idea Billie is married to Chynna Phillips for 18 years or that she almost divorced him. Also had no idea that he has had so many TV parts. I just love these little details. You obviously did some digging! Thanks for sharing.”

Marci Lingham – “Janette, you look awesome and super sexy on the red carpet! Have to admit I’m a bit ‘star struck’ and absolutely loved this interview you conducted with actor Billie Baldwin. I saw her earlier that day being interviewed on Breakfast TV and can honestly say, they didn’t ask him anywhere near the same questions you did. You really got up, close and personal with relevant questions about his life, marriage, family, work and you did it in such a non-invasive way. Well, done!”

Regina Williams – “Janette, you’re such a risk taker!  No wonder you keep growing leaps and bounds. This interview you did with Billie Baldwin was very good – providing excellent information and insight into his life and work in a fun and creative manner. You really got him to open up and smile. I admire your courage.”

How PRINCE Empowered Female Musicians


Janette with Zoe  Ackah

Percussionist, Musician, BLAKUNiCRN Band Leader


Trust Chen Pow, Producer, Singer, Musician



Doreen Staple “Janette, I came across your show on Facebook and found this interview very interesting. Zoe and Trust have a lot to say about women in music that is so true, but which I feel, most are unaware of. I’m glad that PRINCE was big enough to help Women musicians shine and launch their careers.”

Edwina Marcello – “Janette, wow, I had no idea there was such sexism in the music business and that Women percussionist and guitar players had such a hard time getting a break other than with girl bands. This is a real travesty.  Talent is talent. Obviously PRINCE was able to see that and the contributions various Women made to his music. Thanks for putting this video out.”

Robyn Sutherland – “Janette, your PRINCE trilogy has been eye-opening. Each interview as full of valuable information that kept me hooked, but this last one really hooked me. And that is because of Zoe. Her points are bang on. Without a guy like PRINCE around it seems like fewer and fewer talented Female musicians will be hard pressed to make it bands and the music business today. “  

Quisha Wint & Other Top Toronto Artists Celebrate PRINCE Rogers Nelson’s Music & Life

Quisha Wint

Janette with Quisha Wint

Singer, Songwriter, Co-Organizer

Prince Rogers Nelson, A Celebration of His Music & Life

Email –



Deschaun Wigley“Janette, I’m such a huge PRINCE fan. So glad this tribute to his life and music took place. From the clips posted with Quisha’s interview, it is evident how talented this group of Toronto Artists are. And the impact PRINCE had on them. Thanks for posting.”

Trisha Dunfield – “Janette, what an awesome episode!  So sorry to have missed this tribute, but thanks to you and the clips of the concert you showed, it almost felt like I was there! It is obvious the impact PRINCE made to music and how devastated the world is by his loss.”

Paula Dorn – “Janette, this interview raises some really good points about PRINCE – the man, the music and the philanthropist. I very much enjoyed watching it and hearing Quisha speak. I believe PRINCE was highly gifted an truly helped many a talented Woman launch a music career.”

Janette With Thalia Charney

Thalia Charney

Host And Creator  


Play. Match. Date.

Phone – 416.642.0727

  Email –

Thalia Charney 3


Donna McGee“Janette, this interview really caught my eye. I’m single and tired of on-line dating.  I think Iprov4Singles sounds like a very fun and unique way of mingling that I would like to check out.”

Rachel Warren – “Janette, this episode really hit home. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve met someone online that didn’t measure up to their profile and I had no attraction to even though it looked like we would be a good match. I really like the concept on Improv4Singles and the useful skills it teaches for dating as well as other aspects of life.”

Julie Anderson– “Janette, I loved this post. As a working, single woman I don’t think I put enough effort into socializing and dating. Part of that is because I’m so fed-up with online dating and the games played. Improv4Singles seems like a good, fun and non-threatning alternative where I can go out, have some fun and be me while meeting new people. This is an awesome concept with some practical skills that I’m interested in learning more about. Thanks for sharing.”

Janette With Crystal-Marie Sealy

Crystal-Marie Sealy

Consultant, President And Founder


Business Strategy. Pricing. Social Media.

Phone – 647.547.1573

Email –

Crystal Marie


Marina Klayman “Janette, I really liked this episode and thank you for making it. Crystal-Marie is very down to earth and knows exactly what she is talking about. I had an issue setting boundaries with clients in my business and I was absolutely miserable doing everything for them for no money. When I learned to put into place what I truly wanted these issues disappeared and my business took off.”

Corina Lowe – “Janette, thank you so much for the work that you do. This was another valuable interview full of great and useful information. It is sad that so many women entrepreneurs don’t recognize their worth and settle for so less because they fall privy to the male model vs the female model of success. Crystal-Marie is 100% right about setting goals and boundaries and redefining success on your terms.”

Yasmine Curry – “Janette, I think this episode was excellent and entirely relevant. Women are kicking it in business today, but many are not because they are being told to be something they are not, working so hard for so little and settling for it because they are afraid to raise their prices and ask for what they truly want.  This has to change. I believe Crystal-Marie has the correct approach to business strategy, pricing and social media.”


Janette With Dr. John Bart

John Bart

Family Physician And Author



Maureen Shaw – “Janette, as a child of the 60’s who was not granted an abortion and went on to raise a child on my own,  I must say that the doctor and Middenrammers – and the points raised in your interview really peaked my attention.  Thanks for making this important episode and for posting it!”

Brenda Stark – “Janette, I agree with Dr. Bart. In many parts of the world including those who believe they are advanced in these matters, women still don’t have the privilege of reproductive rights.  I also contend that they don’t have enough knowledge and support to in-act these rights or make informed decisions as to whether or not to determinate a pregnancy. Doing so is a very hard and deeply emotional decision that I wished I didn’t have to face. I’m intrigued by this book and this topic and thank-you for taking the risk of tackling this subject.  It was a very good episode.”

Shawna Craig – “Janette, it is not every day that a novel comes out to address women’s reproductive rights and contend they are a myth in the midst of a love story. That is why this interview and book caught my eye. The questions you raised with the doctor were extremely relevant as were the examples you gave.  This was one of your best interviews that I thank-you for making. I think you have a lot of spunk that I truly admire.” 

“Hi Janette

I just wanted to say that I get your emails and your stuff is great!

Keep up the awesome work!”

Best Regards,




Janette With Katya Gorlova McEwen

Katya Gorlova McEwen

Luxury Consultant

Global Wealth Trade


Text/call 270-799-4844

Spring Into The Luxurious Life


Tabitha  McBeth “Janette, saw your episode on FERI MOSH. The fashions were stunning. I can see why this is a company to be involved with.  Thanks for sharing!”

Deana De Rose– “Janette, I enjoyed this episode not just the fabulous fashions (what fashionista doesn’t appreciate seeing high quality jewellery, leather goods and hosiery?), but because I liked listening to Katya. She made some really good points about adjusting to the new economy and presented a good business opportunity worth pursuing that I might otherwise never have know of.  I might as well get paid to wear luxury!”

Stacey Soehner – “Janette, I compliment you on conducting an interesting and impressive interview. You are a gifted interviewer who knows how to ask all the right questions. What struck me most the comparison you made between luxury brands that Katya had quick responses too.”  

Janette Interviewed By Danielle Caruso

Janette Burke

From Publicist To TV Show Producer, Host And Media Marketing Consultant – The Janette Burke Story


Cassandra  Williams- “Janette, until I watched you being interviewed I had no idea how much you have accomplished or what you actually do for your clients. Your package sounds phenomenal. I have seen many of your episodes too and know you put your heart and soul into you work. And it shows – your episodes are very well done. Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself!”

Sharon Stukless – “Janette, you are a real natural on-camera and have many talents to impart to Women in Business when it comes to effectively capturing the spotlight and promoting themselves. I enjoyed hearing you speak about why you do what you do for Women. Thanks so much!”

Alana  Drummond – “Janette, very impressive interview. You make some really valid points about Women. Great to see you putting their needs at the forefront. I can see your passion, creativity and flair for  what you do. I think you are an asset. I especially liked your answer about listening first to get at your client’s message. Well done!”    

Janette Talks With Repeat Guest Marylou Heenan 

Marylou Heenan 2016

Financial Advisor Assante Wealth Management Ltd


1 Yorkdale Road Suite #310 Toronto, ON M6A 3A1 Tel: Cell: Fax: 416-785-8000 Follow Marylou’s blog at

Clear Debt Faster And Ensure A Rosier Future For You And Your Family With A Cash Flow Plan


Dr. Anca Martalog, N.D – “Janette, great topic, much needed nowadays in Canada. Thank you for shining the light on it.  Great show, as usual.”

Eleanor Cleeton – “Janette, I came across your show recently from seeing numerous posts about it on LinkedIn and Facebook.  I must say, you do a fantastic job! The statistics presented caught my attention. Cash flow is an important subject. When I saw the title of this episode, I felt compelled to watch it.  Even though I’m a professional earning good money, I never feel there is enough to go around at the end of the day. I can see the value of having a cash flow plan to decrease my debts and have more money to play with. Marylou is very credible.”

Sophia Bateman – “Janette, I was astonished to learn the average Canadian family is carrying so much debt. I worry about that and my children’s future. This episode was compelling. Marylou is a true financial expert with the ability to solve cash flow issues. I learned a lot from this episode. Thanks for making and posting.”  


Hope Golden

HAIR BY HOPE GOLDEN Phone – 416. 225.0095 Email – Facebook –


Janine Goodman – “Janette, this was another interesting episode. What I liked most about it was the information I got from Hope about what I should consider before cutting my hair short. Very insightful!”

Rebecca Short – “Janette just stumbled upon your show for the first time. I must say I am impressed with your interview style and quality of production. So much so that I watched 5 other episodes on your YouTube Channel! After learning some valuable hints from Hope about Spring hair styles and what to consider before cutting my hair short, I took a long look in the mirror and decided that in fact I like my pony-tale and do not wish to chop it off. Thanks for sharing. And keep up the good work!”

Katia Kapulkin – “Janette, I enjoy watching your show as I can see the extra effort you make with your guests, content and production level. Like you, I’m a cool blonde. Delighted to know that I’m in-style for 2016 Spring/Summer hair trends! lol. I also enjoyed the valuable tips I got from this episode including all the lifestyle, budget and facial considerations I should be aware of before cutting my hair off short as well as hearing Hope describe why she chose to be a hair stylist. Thank you!”

 Empowering Women To Stand In Their Place of Power

Ann Marie Moulton

Janette With Ann Marie Moulton Life Empowerment Coach and Public Speaker 416. 522.9204


Elizabeth Pfieffer – “Janette, thanks so much for making this episode. I appreciate yours and Ann Marie’s honesty. So many women, including myself, give their power away and don’t believe in themselves. Ann Marie has a good handle on this and why it needs to change.”

Abby McDonald – “Janette I came across your interview post yesterday. The timing was perfect as it was International Women’s Day. It is true the Women have come leaps and bounds as leaders in business and other areas. Yet many of these powerhouses still suffer from low self-esteem and feelings of unworthiness. As I watched the interview and heard Ann Marie speak, it became even more evident to me just how much these women suffer. The signs are there. And they need to go away. Thanks so much for taking on this topic.”

Kelley Saunders – “I watch your show every week, Janette. You do an awesome job brining women’s issues to light and getting me thinking about how I can make positive changes to improve myself. Ann Marie is an articulate and dynamic speaker. I could resonate with her points, having dealt with abuse, shame and fear. I can see now how I have my power away and how I can take it back with Ann Marie’s help.”

Janette with Sarah Steenbeck, Champion Horse Trainer

Sarah Steenbeck

Stonecreek Friesians

Stonecreek friesians

Episode 16 – What It Takes To Be A Women’s Friesian Horse Champ And Trainer Click HERE to see it again!

Georgette Curtis – “Janette, I found your interview rather interesting. I’m a horse lover who used to compete. Being a woman Friesian is no easy task. Sarah handles her horses, training and family with such class.”

Martina Joseph – “Janette, I’m impressed with the way you conducted this interview at The Royal Winter Fair, in the stable area, during competition. How exciting! Love the horse in the background. Sarah also made a good point about Women being gentler with the horses in their approach to working with them. Well, done!”

Laura Spencer – “Janette, I adore animals and Equestrian horse-back riding, so I’m really glad you made an episode featuring a women Horse Champion, Trainer and Friesian. Sarah, is down to earth. You can tell she knows her trade well and would be great to learn how to ride from – whether as child or an adult.”  

Janette with Jason Levy, Sales Manager

Jason Levy Heritage Education Funds 416.527.2412

Jason Levy2 Jason Levy3

Episode 14 – Planning Your Child’s Education and Future Click HERE to see it again!

Mary McDougall – “Janette, thanks for making this video. My children are my treasure. I want them to have the best possible education and future. Having an RESP in place will surely help to achieve this!”

Kendra Wright – “Janette, I’m still on Holiday mode, thinking of family and friends. So your timing for this episode was perfect. I enjoyed watching it. Jason is knowledgeable and friendly. I have been wanting to start an RESP for both my children for some time.”

April Bentley – “Janette, I saw your episode with Jason Levy on RESP. I was most impressed. I believe RESP’s provide tremendous value and benefit for children and families!”  

Janette and Friends and Team Wish You a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

xmas special 2015

Episode 13 – Holiday Special Click HERE to see it again!

Leena Martell – “Janette, I saw your Holiday Special. You never seize to amaze me. You’re a riot, girl!”

Jacqueline Dechaines – “Janette, your episodes always inspire me. I appreciate your spirit and creativity. Loved your outfits and singing.”

Vivian Chong – “You’re delightful, and fun to watch in action, Janette. I love how you live your dreams no matter what. You got spunk!”  

Janette with Joseph Duluca, Award-Winning Hair Colour Specialist

Joseph Deluca 2

Elaina Kromofsky – “Janette, I find this to be another interesting and informative Janette’s I’m Every Woman! TV episode. I have been struggling with correcting my hair colour for years and thought that if I just kept applying more blonde dye that I bought at Walmart I would get there. Watching Joeseph explain the process makes me realise that it is time to turn to a professional. Thank you for sharing! “

Marla Jenkins– “Janette, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hidden myself away from the world because I used the wrong hair colour and couldn’t stand the way I looked. I would go from hairdresser to hairdresser seeking help, but things only went from bad to worse. As Joseph says, the professional has to know what they are doing and not apply bleach as the solution. I like the way Joesph speaks. He’s honest and real. A true hair colour specialist. So glad you made and posted this video!”

Gloria McCowan – “Janette, your episodes never seize to amaze me. You cover such intersting and releveant female topics with great and informative guests. I never gave much thought to the colour I was using on my hair or the process until one day it went way to organe and I had to find a way to fix it. My confidence was destroyed as it took months to get my hair back to a normal shade. I went through so many hair dyes that my hair got damaged and became thin from falliing out. Hair is a big part of a Women’s image. It has to be right from the start. I really enjoyed watching this and hearing Joseph who obviously knows what he is doing.”  

Janette with Helen Waxman, Product Manager The Studio Hair Salon

Helen Waxman

Vanesa Rollings – “Janette, I had no idea that using the wrong shampoo was damaging my natural curls. Thanks for sharing. “

Belinda Ortiz – “Helen is a source of information! Before watching this interview I was happy to use any old shampoo and conditioner. Now I can see why that doesn’t work. I have very long and think hair that I like to straighten. It often gets dry and frizzy. I’m worth the extra few dollars it takes to use the right shampoo and conditioner to make me and my hair look and feel better. Thanks for posting this video!”

Carly Manning – “Janette, I came across your show from seeing your posts on Facebook. I must say, I think you do a fabulous job interviewing and promoting your guests. I espeically liked the part where you talk about detangling children’s hair and shared your own personal story. I can relate to this as I too have very thick, long and wavy hair the was cut off as I child. It was an equally tramatic experience for me too. As a mom, I don’t want my daughter to go through the same thing. True, we all want to save money on household products, but from the way Helen talks, it is not worth it.”

Janette with Medical Esthetician Shirley Polanco Rico and Esthetician Virginia Munoz

Mira Greenberg – “Janette, I had a bad experience with laser once and was truly afraid to try it again until I watched this interview. Vriginia and Shirely explain the benefits of having it so well that I’m going to try it again. Thanks for posting. “

Kristen Salanger – “Janette, I found this interview like your others very interesting. I’m a cancer patient and didn’t know that laser treatments are not suitable for me. Watching this may have safed my life. Thank you so much for sharing! “

Marlene Cummings – “This interview debunked many of the negative thoughts I had about laser hair removal. I know understand that having laser treatment won’t cause me pain or rash and there is no need to fear it. I also understand who it is and isn’t for. I’m so glad you made this video, Janette.”  

Janette with Makeup Artist Stephanie Anderson

Stephanie Anderson

Haley Davis – “Janette, Stephanie is a breath of fresh air. It is true that makeup gives women confidence and hides their flaws. We are dependent on it – perhaps more than we should be. “

Leanne Fulterton – “Janette, some interesting dialogue shared on the significance of makeup. Also some excellent tips on applying eye liner. Loved the spoon trick. Never thought of that before. But after watching this episode, I tried it. It really works. Thanks for sharing! “

Corine Berman – “Stephanie is super artistic and obviously knows her stuff. She also looks great. I’m guilty of making many of the mistakes she spoke of. Have cleaned out my makeup bag. Thanks for doing this interview, Janette.”  

Janette with Award-Winning Hair Stylist Ali Mirab

Ali Mirab Salon Linx Beauty Supply

Arlene Davis – “Janette, this was an out-of-the-box interview that really caught my eye. It’s true that every girl’s crazy about a well-groomed and sharp dressed man. It is also true that women often motivate their men to pay more attention to their appearance. You covered this topic beautifully. Ali is a gem! Thanks for another great episode.”

Rayna Muir – “Janette, I really liked your eneregy and itneraction with Ali in this episode. You made male grooming, a not so pretty topic, entertaining, informative and fun. Keep shining your light!”

Keira Noles – “I’m forever after my man to take better care of himself with his grooming. Truth be told, I don’t care fo his beard. And wished he would shave it off. I liked how you handled this interview. I got a lot out of it and found Ali highly enlightening.”  

Janette with Online Marketing Optimization & Web Analytics Consulting

June Li

June Li of Click Insight

Deidre Johnson – “Janette, thank you for doing this interview. As a Women Business Owner I appreciate knowing where to invest my time and money in my marketing. I have spent a lot on my website over the years and haven’t seen the results. I appreciate what June Li has to say and how valuable her tracking information is.”

Charmaine Lawrence – “Janette, your interview with June Li was superb. Very informative. I put a great deal of time and effort into my online marketing and I’m not sure that it is really benefiting me. This was an eye-opener.”

Mary Williams – “I’m very impressed with your energy, Janette and look forward to your weekly show posts. I commend you on your diligence in covering a variety of Women’s topics and in your promotional efforts. This video with June Li really impacted me as a businesswoman. I think many of us devote too much time and money to online marketing without truly understanding what we are doing on Social Media and how to generate significant results.”  

Janette Talks with Master Chef Canada Finalist Brooke Feldman Of eatinwithbrooke

Brooke Feldman

About the Lack of Female Chefs And More On The TIFF RED CARPET

Elizabeth Grey – “Janette, you are one hell of an interviewer and promoter. Saw your posts all of the Net and expecially on FB. I really enjoy watching your show. Feel cooking is perdominately a Women’s domain. Very surprised that more of them are not celebrity chefs and restauranteers! This must change. Very informative interview. Keep up the great work!”

Jordan Hall – “Janette, very much enjoyed your interview with Brooke Feldman. I watched her on Master Chef Canada and thinks she’s a talented lady. Admire her spunk. eatinwithbrooke seems like a interesting take on personal chef. I know she will make it bgi and look forward to her restaurant opening.”

Rebeca Milford– “Janette, I love how you and Brooke shared cooking memories and stories. Hope she gets a show on The Food Network soon. She’s an intersting lady. Very entreprenurial and inspiring. Thanks for sharing!”  

Live from the Tiff Red Carpet

Kim Roberts

Janette Talks with Canadian Award-Winning Actress Kim Roberts About Working Opposite Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau in Director Atom Egoyan’s new film REMEMBER (Playing in Theatres Now)

Charla Brown – “Janette, saw your post on FB. I like your style, girlfriend! Kim Roberts is obviously one talented Candian Actress. What a powerful role she played as caregiver in a very meaningful and significant movie opposite Christopher Plummer. This was a great interview! Keep up the good work!”

Joss Sheppard – “Janette, REMEMBER is a fantastic film that depicts so may issues women in society have to deal with. Kim Roberts is fantastic in her caregiver role. Thank you for sharing and brining these issues to light.”

Sonjia Goulding – “Janette, you bring the most relevent topics and talent to your vieweres every week and do it very cleverly. Each episode you release has a strong message for women to learn. Thank for always delieving interesting content that gets me thinking. Kim is superb. And you are also a true pro that never seizes to amaze me!”

 With Rob Tari

Rob Tari

Writer, Director, Producer of the film “US” featured in the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and in Los Angeles at Cinefest

Maureen McBride – “Janette, “US” sounds like a very good film with strong female leads. Look forward to seeing it!”

Rhonda Sharp – “Janette, another great interview! Good for Rob for not giving up on his goals and producing his film US and having it entered into The Toronto International Film Festival! “

Kelly Cortwright – “Janette, always love watching your show! Rob is a refreshing producer who is candid and sincere about his dreams , his film “US and the females in his life that he based his characters on.”

With Alyssa Rubino

Alyssa Rubino

2011 Billboard Magazine Cover Artist GIRL WONDER

gilr wonder

Shawna Leibmann – “Janette, Alyssa is so lucky to have reached such as high level of success at such an early age. It is really inspiring to see an 18 year old girl know what she wants and empower young women with her strong message. Thanks for sharing!”

Amy Baldwin – “Janette, Alyssa is a very determined and motivating young women who can teach us a lot about going after our dreams. Thanks so much for posting!”

Calista Franklin – Janette, I recently came upon your posts and must say you are one hell of an interviewer. You really captured the highs and lows of Alyssa’s career and how important it is to have a diversified brand with a strong message like she does with Girl Wonder. “

Chicago 2


Janette with Jimmy Pankow Founding Member of the Legendary Rock Band, Chicago When He and His Fellow Band Members and Earth, Wind & Fire Performed their Amazing Heart and Soul Tour at The Molson Amphitheatre this August


Claire Mitchell – “Janette what an exciting interview for you! I’ve long been a fan of Chicago’s (and Earth, Wind & Fire). Their music has always impacted me. The story Jimmy Pankow shares of how he wrote ‘Just For You and Me’ was amazing. So raw and real. Thanks for sharing!”

Linda Lorne – “Janette this was an awesome interview. One of your best. You must have enjoyed meeting Mr. Pankow and hanging out with Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire. I love the angle you took with this piece. Chicago’s music is fulll of feminine themes. Don’t think anyone has ever really dealt with that before. You ask all the right questions and are very inspiring!”

Maureen Chase – “Janette – incredible start to Janette’s I’m Every Woman! TV – Season 5! Congradulations! Jimmy Pankow is such an approachable and talented man. You’re correct when you admire him for the beautiful music he has written over the years contributing to the bands long-lasting success. I very much enjoyed watching this episdoe and hearing about his female influences.”


 Janette & Fans

Rick Springfield

with Singer, Songwriter, Actor and Best-Selling Author RICK SPRINGFIELD

Sabrina Lopez – “Janette, I can’t believe Rick Springfield is 67 years old! He looks fanatastic and still has all the right move. Wished I could be ‘Jesse’s Girl!’ Thanks for making this video and showing highlight of Rick’s concert. I was sorry to have missed it. It was really nice hearing his fans talk about what makes him so interesting.”

Hilda Toren – “Janette, I’ve long been a huge fan of Rick Springfield. Like you, I also remember running home from school to see him play Dr. Noah Drake on General Hospital. He is such an amazing performer. I really liked your interviews with his fans. Great info and how down to earth and candid Rick is about his life and battles with depression.”

Lauren Matthews – Janette, I loved your interviews with Rick Springfield’s fans. How wonderful to see a mother and daughter enjoying Rick’s music together and a man who plays music because of Rick! The paraphanlia and facts about Rick’s books, small and big screen roles was great too! You did an awesome job! Thanks for sharing.”


Ann Merriam, Director, Writers Johnston, Johnston & Wilde

cast of Summerland

And the Cast of SUMMERLAND at The Toronto Fringe Festival

Denise Lowes – “Janette, this episode was beyond awesome! Summerland looks like a great play. I loved the themes it represents and the questions you asked about the ME generation. Well, done!”

Bonnie Comb – “Janette, Ann Merriam, the Cast and Writer of Wonderland put together an excellent production. After receiving your Show Notice and watching this episode, I got a ticket to see Summerland. It was fantastic. Thanks for featuring this musical and The Toronto Fringe Festival!”

Francine Rocco – “Janette, you are a terrific interviewer. I really enjoyed this episode and hearing the writers speak about the issues the ME generation face. I especially liked how inspiring and powerful their messaging was for young Women. Summerland is a play worth seeing.”



Janette Interviews Alessandra Piccolo

Alessandra Piccolo

Executive Director The Vaughan International Film Festival

Sherry Bronstein – “Janette, I’m glad Alessandra has been part of a team that managed to grow The Vaughan International Film Festival so quickly and help fund young film-makers dreams. There should be more support for the arts.”

Brooke Saffer – “Janette, great that Vaughan, Ontario has gone to such great lengths to help filmakers and actors. I wish you and them continued success.”

Sue McDonell – “Janette, you have shown your talents in so many ways this year. So proud of you and your growth. I like how you feature local people and projects as well as big name celebrities, each with their own message and way of helping Women succeed in a given area.”